Perfect CompTIA A+ 220-1101 Real Dumps 2024

Perfect CompTIA A+ 220-1101 Real Dumps 2024
Perfect CompTIA A+ 220-1101 Real Dumps 2024

Preparing for the CompTIA A+ 220-1101 exam in 2024 requires taking an important first step in searching for the perfect CompTIA A+ 220-1101 real dumps.

The purpose of this blog is to focus on the real 220-1101 exam dumps and how they can help you prepare.

Here, we would like to introduce the Pass4itSure 220-1101 dumps

The real Pass4itSure 220-1101 dumps are real practice questions written based on previous exams. They provide candidates with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the exam format, question types, and difficulty levels. Using Pass4itSure 220-1101 exam dumps as part of your study strategy can boost your preparation for the actual exam as well as your confidence in the exam.

To pass the CompTIA A+ 220-1101 exam, you will also need:

  1. Understand the answer

Don’t just memorize the answers from the real exam. Make sure you understand the reasoning behind each answer to improve your overall understanding of the topic.

  1. Incorporate official learning materials

Real exam dumps should complement your study material, not replace them. Use them as additional resources along with the official CompTIA A+ documentation and study guides.

  1. Simulate more, practice more

When practicing with real exam dumps, simulate the exam conditions as much as possible. Give yourself time to work on the questions without distractions to get a feel for the actual test experience.

  1. Check for incorrect answers

Pay close attention to the questions you answer incorrectly. Learn why the correct answer is correct and why the answer you chose is wrong. This helps to consolidate your knowledge.

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Question 1:

A user failed to gain access to a building\’s entrance after security measures at the entrance were upgraded last week. The company implemented the 13.56MHz frequency short band, and users can now utilize their mobile devices to authenticate. Which of the following has to be enabled for the mobile device to authenticate?

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Biometrics
  3. NFC
  4. PIN

Correct Answer: C

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology used for short-range wireless communication between devices, typically used for contactless payments and authentication. In this scenario, the 13.56MHz frequency short band was implemented, and users can authenticate using their mobile devices, which requires NFC to be enabled on the device. References: CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Objectives 220-1001 – Mobile device network and device synchronization


Question 2:

A technician is upgrading a computer OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10. During the OS installation, the system is not able to find the hard drive. Which of the following can the technician do to MOST likely fix the issue?

  1. Change the partition to MBR
  2. Load the HDD drivers using a flash drive.
  3. Upgrade the RAM modules.
  4. Replace the hard drive.

Correct Answer: B

Loading the hard disk drive (HDD) drivers using a flash drive is the most likely action that can fix the issue of a computer not being able to find the hard drive during an OS installation from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The HDD may have a different interface or controller than what Windows 10 supports by default, such as SATA or RAID, which would require loading additional drivers during the installation process. The technician can use a flash drive to load the drivers from another device or source. Changing the partition to MBR, upgrading the RAM modules, or replacing the hard drive are not likely to fix the issue, as they are not related to the HDD drivers

Question 3:

A technician identified an issue on a workstation, obtained details from the user, and made a backup of the system. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

  1. Determine the next steps to resolve the issue and document it.
  2. Design a plan of action to resolve the issue and implement the solution.
  3. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes.
  4. Establish a theory of probable cause, researching internally or externally as needed.

Correct Answer: D

Identify the problem.

Question 4:

A technician was called to check an unexpected clicking noise on a desktop that has become more frequent every time a video editing application is loaded. The system fans have been replaced, but the clicking noise remains. Diagnostics

have been run on the video card.

Which of the following should me the technician do FIRST?

  1. Replace the hard drive.
  2. Replace the video card.
  3. Do a System Restore.
  4. Perform a full data backup.
  5. Scan the system for viruses.

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:

A user on the marketing team uses various multimedia applications that consume a lot of memory. The user needs to install more RAM to run these applications effectively. When the user opens the computer case, the user sees four slots in two sets of colors. Which of the following memory types is MOST likely required?

  1. Dual-channel
  2. Triple-channel
  3. Single-channel
  4. Quad-channel
  5. Error correction code RAM

Correct Answer: A

The two sets of colors on the motherboard indicate that it supports dual- channel memory, which doubles the bandwidth available to the memory controller. Dual- channel memory requires two identical memory modules to be installed in pairs in the correct slots to work effectively. In this case, the user can install two identical RAM modules to enable dual-channel memory, which will provide better performance when using multimedia applications that consume a lot of memory.

Question 6:

A system administrator has been tasked with allowing SMTP traffic through the system\’s host-based firewall. Which of the following ports should the administrator enabled?

  1. 23
  2. 25
  3. 80
  4. 161

Correct Answer: B

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) uses port 25 to send email messages between servers12. SMTP uses port 25 to send email messages between mail servers. Therefore, the system administrator should enable port 25 to allow SMTP traffic through the host-based firewall. References: CompTIA A+ Certification Study Guide, Tenth Edition, pg. 282 

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In conclusion, it is right to utilize the Perfect 220-1101 Real Exam Dumps as a study resource. What you need to do is to follow the above points and practice carefully.

Remember, the key to success lies in a comprehensive study plan that includes authentic 220-1101 exam dumps and official study materials. With a spirit of not giving up and an effective study strategy, you can pass the 220-1101 exam in 2024 and achieve impressive results.


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