Silvana Prince childhood, profession, Bio, courting, peak, the internet really worth And each fact which you need

Silvana Prince childhood, profession, Bio, courting, peak, the internet really worth And each fact which you need
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Silvana Prince, also called Silvana Torres Prince, is a multi-proficient Mexican artist who has dabbled in modeling, performing, singing, and dancing throughout her career. She’s recognized for her roles in films like “El Taxista querendón” (1997) and “Ayudame compadre” (1992). drastically, she is the mom of Vadhir Debrez, a distinguished Mexican musician and actor. Silvana’s romantic history includes a dating with Eugenio Derbez, a well-known Mexican actor and comic, with whom she shares her son Vadhir, born in 1991.

Born in Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico, Silvana pursued diverse interests, inclusive of indoor designing, ballet, current art, flamenco, jazz, current dance, making a song, and portraying throughout her time in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her adventure started out with modeling and industrial pictures. She graced the campaigns of brands like Giovanni Carlo, Marcelo, and Vanity. Transitioning into TV, Silvana appeared alongside various Mexican talents like Otto Sirgo, Margarita Gralia, and Leonardo Daniel in shows such as “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “unmarried Dad,” and “The Awful Dreamy Vidita Wild.” notably, she even participated in the pageant ‘leave out Jalisco 1977.’

Formative years

Silvana Prince’s journey as a famous television and film persona is interwoven along with her brilliant paintings across numerous films. but, her profession’s inception traces back to the colourful city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Silvana’s pursuit of creative mastery was once marked by a numerous range of disciplines. From the sleek world of ballet to the expressive geographical regions of cutting-edge art, flamenco, jazz, and current dance, she embraced a multifaceted artistic route. no longer preventing her, her skills extended to the geographical regions of making a song and portraying, showcasing her creative breadth.

Originating in Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico, Silvana’s early years bore the seeds of her later achievements. Her preliminary foray into the world of modeling and business pictures illuminated her specific attraction, catching the attention of esteemed manufacturers like Conceitedness, Marcelo, and Giovanni Carlo.

However, the street to fame led Silvana past the confines of modeling. Her evolution as an artist saw her gracing both the TV display screen and the silver display, imprinting her mark on the enterprise. This adventure of creative exploration and success truly solidified Silvana Prince’s region as a celebrated discernment inside the vibrant landscape of Mexican leisure.


Silvana Prince’s impact stretched across numerous television programs, leaving her mark on productions like “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “unmarried Dad,” and “The Lousy Dreamy Vidita Wild.” appreciably, she even graced the degree of “Miss Jalisco 1977,” showcasing her versatility.

In an exceptional bankruptcy of her adventure, Silvana embarked on a solo tour throughout Mexico in 1987, in which her performances as a singer and dancer captivated audiences all through the u. s. a . for three memorable years.

Her presence was prolonged beyond screens and degrees. taking part with esteemed musicians consisting including Vicki Carr, Raul Vale, Enrique Guzman, and Rocio Banquell, Silvana contributed her abilities to the colourful tapestry of the tune industry.

At the same time as incomes her degree in indoors graph in Guadalajara, Mexico, Silvana Prince’s celebrity energy used to be additionally glaring in her filmography. The movies “El Taxista Querendon” (1997) and “Ayudame Compadre” (1992) stand at the top of her performing career, catapulting her to new heights of fame and reputation. those two movies, wealthy with her talent and dedication, continue to be as indelible marks in her journey through the world of Mexican cinema.

Quick Biography and Family Of Silvana Prince

In a twist of destiny, Silvana once shared a romantic connection without any other than actor and director Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez Derbez back in 1990. however, the winds of time have in view that separated their paths, and they’re not an item.

Their courting bore fruit inside the structure in their son, Vadhir Derbez, who entered the world on February 18, 1991. Vadhir has become a distinguished determine in the realms of both tune and appearing in Mexico, leaving an indelible mark on both industries. In Vadhir, Silvana unearths not only a son but also a source of enormous satisfaction and inspiration. She frequently gleams with delight as she witnesses his achievements, consistently cheering on his successes.

Following this chapter of her life, the romantic panorama for the Mexican model seems to have settled. As of 2022, there’s no news of marriage or any romantic involvements. Silvana has selected to preserve the information of her private existence near her chest, leaving her love life and present-day romantic repute undisclosed. It seems that her awareness stays on her profession and the fun of being a dedicated mom.


Silvana Prince holds a swish stature, status tall at 5 toes five inches. Her physical presence is observed with the aid of an approximate weight of 59 kilograms, a balance that reflects her vibrant electricity.

Inside the digital realm, Silvana’s presence extends to Instagram, where she has forged connections with a network of 58,000 followers. This platform serves as a window into her global, an area in which her stories and moments discover resonance amongst folks who admire her.

Silvana Prince’s net really worth in 2022 And 2023

As of 2022, it’s predicted that Silvana’s worth will reach around $100,000 USD. Silvana Prince’s reputation extends a ways huge, encompassing roles as a Mexican model, actress, dancer, singer, and even a painter.

Her profits have frequently flowed in from her endeavors in modeling and performing. For a prolonged duration, she graced tiers as each an actress and a dancer, leaving her mark in various cities.

Speakme approximately the financial thing of this celeb mother’s existence, information regarding her net worth remains a mystery. but, turning our attention to her son, Vadhir, he has certainly garnered quite a huge fortune over the direction of his profession in acting. nowadays, his net really worth stands at an impressive $ 4 million, a testament to his accomplishments and contributions to global leisure.


Within the realm of her heart, Silvana’s story takes a joyous turn, for she is a woman embraced inside the warmth of marriage. Her associate in this journey of love and companionship is none aside from Eugenio Derbez, a renowned Mexican actor and comic whose call resonates far and huge.

Beyond their union, Silvana and Eugenio’s love has been blessed with the laughter and footsteps of 4 toddlers. Their own family canvas paints a picture of togetherness, with Aislinn Derbez, José Eduardo Derbez, and Aitana Derbez gracing their lives with their presence. each call contains with it a story, a connection that intertwines inside the tapestry in their shared stories.

5 statistics about Silvana Prince

  1. Silvana is another stage call for Silvana Prince.
  2. She was born in Mexico’s Veracruz state, in Cordoba.
  3. El Taxista Querendon (1997) and Ayudame Compadre (1992) are two famous Mexican movies and TV series in which she has appeared.
  4. Eugenio Alexino Gonzalez Derbez, a well-known Mexican actor and director, was once the ex-boyfriend.
  5. Her Instagram account suggests that she has 58k fans.

(FAQs) approximately Silvana Prince

Who is Silvana Prince? 

Silvana Prince, additionally known as Silvana Torres Prince, is a versatile Mexican artist known for her work in modeling, appearing, singing, and dancing. She received a reputation for her roles in films like “El Taxista Querendon” (1997) and “Ayudame Compadre” (1992). She is likewise the mom of Vadhir Derbez, a prominent Mexican musician and actor.

What are Silvana Prince’s artistic pursuits? 

Silvana Prince’s inventive journey consists of a huge variety of pastimes, from modeling and interior designing to ballet, modern art, flamenco, jazz, present-day dance, singing, and portray. Her creative abilities span diverse disciplines, showcasing her artistic versatility.

What is Silvana Prince’s career in entertainment?

Silvana Prince made her mark in Mexican television with appearances in suggests like “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” “unmarried Dad,” and “The awful Dreamy Vidita Wild.” She additionally participated in the competition ‘omit Jalisco 1977.’ moreover, she launched into a solo tour as a singer and dancer throughout Mexico, taking part with remarkable musicians.

What is Silvana Prince’s relationship with Eugenio Derbez? 

Silvana Prince was once in a romantic relationship with Eugenio Alexino Gonzalez Derbez, a well-known Mexican actor and director. They percentage a son, Vadhir Derbez, who has done prominence in each tune and appearance.

Ending words

Multi-talented Mexican artist Silvana Prince, additionally called Silvana Torres Prince, has hooked herself in some creative disciplines, which include modeling, acting, singing, and dance. Her creative course commenced with modeling and finally included ballet, cutting-edge art, flamenco, jazz, current dance, making a song, and portraying. Her career in entertainment consists of high-quality roles in Mexican TV suggests and films, such as “El Taxista Querendon” and “Ayudame Compadre.”

Silvana’s personal existence is intertwined with her relationships, such as a beyond romantic reference to Eugenio Derbez, a prominent Mexican actor and director, with whom she shares her son Vadhir Derbez. despite the fact that she predicted her net worth in 2022 could be about $100,000 USD, her fundamental priorities seem to be her paintings and the joy she has in being a committed mom to her kiddies.

Silvana Prince has made an enduring effect on the Mexican amusement scene for the duration of her career with the aid of displaying her brilliance and flexibility in an inequality of inventive fields. Her tale serves as an inspiring instance of pursuing one’s passions and embracing a wide range of inventive expressions.

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