How to get more followers on Instagram in 2023

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Instagram is one of the most business-friendly social media platforms – over 90% of all Instagram followers follow at least one business. So, it’s no wonder we all want to grow our profiles and get more Instagram followers.

Do you dream of a million or 5,000 active followers on Instagram? You need something like Instagram SEO to get more followers and give yourself an edge.

You can click on any tip for growing on Instagram for more details, read the entire article to improve your promotion strategies, or create a new one from scratch.

create a content strategy for Instagram and maintain it

You can grow your audience with a clear and effective Instagram marketing strategy and many unique and specific ideas. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you here?
  • What are the goals you want to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What type of content do they like?
  • What makes your audience follow you?

You will learn how to get more followers on Instagram by getting answers to these questions.

2. Optimize the information on your Instagram account

Instagram has upgraded the search options for regular users and business profiles. Now, they can use hashtags and keywords to search on the platform.

To provide relevant results, the Instagram algorithm considers the quality and type of an Instagram post and when it was posted. This means you need to optimize your brand page to attract more followers click here.

If you want to see your page in the first results of the Explore tab, you need to optimize your Instagram profile:

Check your Instagram account name. It should be clear and linked to your brand. Try to avoid numbers and special characters in the title. Otherwise, it will be difficult for users to remember and recognize;

Fill your Instagram bio with relevant keywords. Describe the profile and why a user should press the Follow button. This helps your Instagram SEO – but remember that 150 characters limit you;

add a link to your website or landing page where users can find more information about your brand or offering. Additionally, the link will drive traffic from Instagram to your web page;

encourage people to tag more, which is an important point. Don’t forget to order those you mention in an Instagram post as well as try to frequently include your brand in collaboration guest posts to get organized in someone’s posts more often; mutual tagging brings greater visibility to long-term partnerships and increases the number of visits to your profile;

Think of hashtags as keywords, think about words people might use to search for your niche, your product, also consider recent news and competitor campaigns that seem popular with your target audience;

To ensure your brand’s unique aesthetic, Instagram requires careful attention to the profile’s look or highlighting a feature. Visual content should be strongly associated with your brand. It’s up to you how you prefer to implement this aesthetic, but make sure it meets your standards and stick to it (see below).

3. Dress up your Instagram account with a branded theme.

Instagram is all about aesthetic and high-quality content. Users on this social media platform want to see beautiful images similar to photos of famous painters, not random blurry shots. Remember, you’re competing for their attention with professional photographers and videographers. If your Instagram profile looks like a big family album with photos from all eras, all formats, and all colors, you will lose the war.

On the other hand, using brilliant content can answer your question about how to get more followers on Instagram. There are a plethora of themes for your homepage. They differ in composition, style, color, format, etc. Instagram relies almost entirely on visuals, so by creating your style and knowing how to carry it post by post, you are undoubtedly helping to grow followers.

Imagine your Instagram grid is a store window. It should be stylishly decorated and attractive to your viewers. You can take your brand’s style book as a basis. Use brand colors, designs, and brand all content with your logo. There are no strict rules for you! This helps you get more Instagram followers who will love your visuals.

4. Experiment with Instagram Content Formats

Your Instagram feed can contain different types of content. The platform offers all the features to connect with your audience and create attractive visuals, improving them year after year.

Instagram’s algorithm rates your experiences positively, pushing your posts to the top of the feed or suggesting positions where potential users can see them. The variety of content, therefore, also contributes to Instagram SEO.

Reels are entertaining 15-30-second videos, similar to TikTok, that use editing heavily. This is one of the current Instagram trends. You can spin them to showcase your products, introduce yourself as an expert, or participate in a viral challenge (read this article to learn what Instagram Reels are in more detail).

IGTV series are ideal for guides, FAQ answers, tutorials, or other educational content. The maximum video length is 60 minutes.

Instagram Live session. It is an excellent real-time video format for online events, presentations, or industry talk shows. This is an excellent opportunity to bring immediate focus from many followers to a local influencer, a curious local event, or a happening that cannot be missed and should be broadcast the moment it happens.

Long readings in the captions. You have a limit of 2,200 characters to tell a compelling story peppered with relevant keywords for a quick search. The length of post captions between 1000 and 2000 characters is optimal. They receive the most engagement, according to this study.

Likewise, you can run a contest and post a meme or infographic, all of which users want to share with their friends via DM, tagging their accounts in the comments, or when they post to their Instagram Stories.

Sponsoring user-generated content (or UGC) around your brand through a viral challenge is another way to attract new followers to your page.

Use Instagram’s analytics tools to measure your results and define the best formats for your business goals.

5. Create custom stickers for Instagram Stories

Nearly 500 million users create and view at least one Instagram story daily. This format answers “How to get new followers?” because many Instagram users prefer to follow Stories rather than Feed updates. You can observe it even among the members of your followership.

Add stickers to their Instagram Stories; many people like this feature and will share stickers on their Instagram accounts. Businesses try to follow them and provide Stories with trending and relevant additions.

And don’t do it once a week. Remember, it’s best to post a story every day. You can use ready-made built-in stickers and create your images and GIFs. For example, you can scan your printed sticker set for Instagram.

How to make your personalized stickers? First, select an image you want to use and save it to your smartphone as a . PNG file with a transparent background. It could be your brand logo, mascot, or excellent writing to add your brand’s flair or the personality of someone representing it to your profile. Then, you can upload it to your Instagram Stories. Read the full instructions here.

Pay attention to Instagram limits so as not to have your account banned

For one of our final tips, we strongly advise you not to overuse all the techniques we have presented to you here when it comes to following accounts, adding hashtags to your posts, commenting on posts and like posts.

Indeed, if you go too hard and too quickly on your accounts (especially when using third-party tools that promise you worlds and wonders), the biggest risk you take is getting banned from Instagram!

We therefore strongly recommend that you follow the different limits that we have recommended to you in the different sections of this article, and this, to avoid any penalization of your account (recovering an Instagram account is possible but if you push the envelope a little too far , it will no longer be possible to recover it).

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