7 Tips for Getting Followers on Instagram

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Getting followers on Instagram takes work.

No way.

You have to share a lot of quality content.

Constantly interact with your followers.

Take quality photos.

And all this to see slight improvement most of the time.

Is this your case?

If so, don’t worry because, in today’s article, we reveal several tips so that your account is no longer invisible and attracts more followers daily.

Because, in reality, cheating doesn’t do much good in this case. Well, yes, to be detected and then blocked by Instagram. ?

We therefore want to share many tips for increasing your number of followers (but real ones, those who can become customers) on Instagram.

Take notes.

1. Make the most of your business profile

First, ensure you have a business account on Instagram and not a personal profile (we’ll explain why further down).

You can check by going to your account: in the upper right menu (the three bars), click on “Configuration” then “Account.”

You use a personal account if the “Switch to professional profile” option appears.

Without a professional account, you miss out on many tools, such as:

Measure the reach of your publications because you have access to statistics (from 100 followers).

Make ads because your return on investment will be very profitable. Below, we explain how and why to promote your business to get more followers on Instagram check now.

Have your account verified: this is a way to inspire confidence in your followers because they will be sure it is your business account. This option can be found in Menu > Settings > Account > Request Verification (a blue symbol will appear next to your name).

Add contact buttons and CTA (call to action): this is particularly interesting because Instagram allows us to add links in publications (but you can put one in the profile description).

Once you have made sure that your Instagram profile is in professional mode, complete it with:

A description of your business so that your customers can identify themselves.

Your value proposition: Take advantage of this article if you still need one.

Your address: the link to your eCommerce and your actual address if you have a physical store.

Your “branded” hashtag: this is used to identify you, and your followers can also use it to follow what you publish.

A link that offers more content to your followers: for example, you can use LinkTree, a free tool that allows you to create a custom link in your bio and send your followers to a page with all the links you want to share.

2. Share and interact in a qualitative and coherent way

You need to remember that on Instagram, you are posting for your ideal customer, your buyer persona.

The objective of your content is to give value to this type of follower who can become a customer.

So you will know what content to publish to inspire and move them and what content seems beneficial to them… to the point that they decide to visit your site (and make a purchase).

Some ideas to improve your interaction:

Give your followers time: respond to comments they leave on your wall, primarily when you have just published.

Tag and mention your followers to obtain engagement and create a feeling of closeness with those who do not yet follow you.

Look for other accounts with which your buyer persona interacts. Also, interact with these accounts to be more visible and closer to your potential customers.

Use sector or location tags (if you have a physical store): this way, you can better classify the followers you are looking for.

This way, they will see you as a brand close to its audience and “human” and not just as a business that tries to sell at all costs.

3. Take care of the aesthetics of your wall

More than just posting pretty photos accompanied by good copywriting and hashtags is required. You also need to create a feed that attracts attention at first glance.

The feed is all the images that make up your Instagram profile. You see The miniature grid when you go to an account without clicking on a particular publication.

It should be noted that Instagram is the most visual network. Users place the most importance on published images.

This is why having a dynamic and balanced feed:

It allows you to stand out from other accounts that seem more “messy.”

It gives a solid brand image because it shows you care for your content.

But what can you do to make your feed attractive and elegant?

Choose a defined style for your wall.

There are five basic feed styles:

A. Basic

In other words, publish without any established order or aesthetic criteria. This is what most accounts do; that’s why we don’t recommend it.

B. Vertical or horizontal lines

Post so that the images form visual cues.

The perfect example is the Aldi feed in the UK, which posts images three by three to form a horizontal line (but each with its meaning).

4. Use Instagram Stories

Stories are the trendy content on Instagram. Do you know them?

Instagram Stories are audiovisual content lasting no more than 15 seconds and accessible only 24 hours from publication.

If you don’t use them yet, you need to start publishing them because 62% of Instagram users say they became interested in a brand after discovering it via its “Stories.”

And if you need help figuring out where to start, here’s a complete tutorial for making Instagram stories that bring in followers (and boost your sales).

5. Make the most of your post hashtags

Although most accounts always use the same hashtags automatically, we have already explained that they are a straightforward tool to increase your followers quickly.

So you should use different ones than the competition.

Make a list of the 15 to 20 hashtags most suitable for your account and alternate them according to the content of your publications.

6. Promote yourself with Instagram Ads

Running an advertising campaign is a simple and very profitable way to gain followers on Instagram.

Moreover, the cost per click on each ad is lower than on other social networks.

If you want to capture qualified traffic (the kind that is more likely to end up purchasing on your eCommerce), look at this article to learn how to design an advertising campaign on Instagram.

7. Promote your posts outside of Instagram

It may seem like a total contradiction: get Instagram followers outside of Instagram.

Well, yes, you can share your Instagram account:

On your eCommerce.

In the signature of your newsletter emails.

On your other social networks.

At the end of your blog posts.

The idea is to attract visitors to your wall so that they become followers.

See the following example.

Our client Rascol has a specific tab on his home page to share his Instagram publications and those of followers who tag him.

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